Congratulations Aled Morrow – YAL Members Rural or Remote Upper Secondary Scholarship Recipient 2017

Aled is a creative and bright young man who will be entering year 12 at Dalyellup College in Capel for 2018. His current selection of 5 ATAR subjects includes English which is having to undertake with SIDE (distance education). He is hoping that these subject choices will see him gain entry into a ‘Bachelor of Philosophy – Science (Psychology) with an enventual Ph.D in this field. Aled comes from a single parent family,

Congratulations Kawlija-Merle Brahim – YAL Upper Secondary Scholarship Recipient 2017

Kawlija-Merle will be entering year 10 at Swan View Senior High School in 2018. Kawlija-Merle goal is to enter university to study Education and Psychology when she completes high school. Kawlija-Merle wants to use her degree to teach students in remote communities, giving back and improving the lives of other young people. She wants to influence and inspire her future pupils to dream big and reach their potential. Kawlija-

Congratulations Evie O’Farrell – YAL & Dome Kelmscott & Armadale Lower Secondary Scholarship 2017

Evie will be entering year 9 at Kelmscott Senior High School in 2018, where she is part of two special programs in athletics and music. Bright and determined to succeed, she excels at both school and on the running track. Evie feels her family is under increased financial pressure to due to the low income her mother earns as an education assistant of students with special needs at a local primary school. Evie is extremely p

Congratulations Hugh Atkinson – YAL Post-Secondary Scholarship Recipient 2017

Hugh is completed year 12 last year and has gained entry to Murdoch University in 2018. His chosen course is Exercise Physiology, which will enable him to work as an injury and health rehabilitation specialist. Hugh and his family have had a rough few years, which has taken its toll on his family. In 2013 his Mum was diagnosed with breast cancer and has had a long fight for survival. Just as Hugh’s mum was getting better