Congratulations Shanaye – YAL & City of Swan Lower Secondary Scholarship Recipient 2017

Shanaye will be entering year 9 at La Salle College in Middle Swan in 2018. This bright young lady is in the care of foster parents and has been since she was 4 years old. When asked about her most significant challenge it was having to change homes so often and make the adjustments needed to her new home, new carers, new rules. This is quite a challenge for someone so young. For the past 9 years, she has been with her current

Congratulations Par Chin Sung – YAL Post-Secondary Scholarship Recipient 2017

Par Chin
Par Chin completed year 12 Morley Senior High School last year. Par Chin’s parents immigrated to Australia in 2005 were her younger siblings were born. Par Chin remained in Burma with her grandparents until her parents saved enough money for her to join them six years later in 2011. Par Chin’s parents saw that if they remained in Burma their children wouldn’t get the opportunities that they wanted for them, especially wi

Congratulations Shontae Coyne – YAL Upper Secondary Scholarship Recipient 2017

Shontae will be entering year 10 at Swan View Senior High School in 2018. Selected at the end of year 7 for the academic extension program at her school she is achieving excellent academic results and is on track to achieve her goal of studying medicine and becoming a doctor. She feels that this career path will allow her a positive role in her community and allow her to help the most disadvantaged in her community. Shontae

Congratulations Hannah Truong – YAL & City of Wanneroo Upper Secondary Scholarship Recipient 2017

Hannah is a diligent young lady who will be entering year 12 at Girrawheen Secondary College in 2018. She will be continuing with her ATAR subjects for year 12 in the hope of entering University in 2019. Hannah is from a migrant family and lives with her parents and siblings in Marangaroo. Her father lost his job in June of this year, and this has led to things becoming increasingly harder for the family finances. With Engl