The YAL scholarship program was born out of many years of rediscovery the YAL board did after the hard decision to sell ‘Camp Simons’ opposite the beloved Araluen in the Roleystone hills. The camp had been a wonderful part of the YAL history and the lives of so many young Western Australia’s who enjoyed camps there for over 50 years. The board saw it as their responsibility to ensure that the camp funds went to create something with equal affected on the young people of Western Australia.

They examined other scholarship programs and noted that many didn’t give the students themselves choice over how best the funds could assist their educational needs. With this in mind it became evident that creating a program that gave a greater deal of choice of how the funds where spent was paramount. Recipients of the JJ “Boss” Simons Charitable Endowment Trust can choose to allocate their funds towards any area which helps to support their educational needs, this could include tuition, books, computer equipment as well as travel, accommodation or food costs. YAL recognised that each student is unique and supporting their needs and helping them breakdown their own unique financial barriers plays homage to the vision of the YAL.

The Honourable Chief Justice Wayne Martin AC, agreed to act as patron to the Scholarship program and with his support the program was launched in 2014 with the first applications being received in 2015. Seven very worthy recipients were chosen from almost 60 applications in 2015 and their stories can be followed through our scholarships journey.

While initial financial input to the scholarship program was via the sale of ‘Camp Simons’ the continued support of our members has seen us create a YAL JJ ‘Boss’ Simons Charitable Endowment Trust Perpetual Members Scholarship (for Upper Secondary year 10-12) worth $3,000 p/a. We are also proud to announce our partnership with the City of Wanneroo which has seen the creation of a YAL & City of Wanneroo Upper Secondary Scholarship worth $3,000 p/a. 2017 has also seen the addition of two extra Lower Secondary Scholarships thanks to partnerships with City of Swan and Dome coffee shops in Kelmscott and Armadale

If you would like to know more please follow our scholarship journeys or see Apply for a Scholarship to apply.