Frank Schaper, Honorary Chairman YAL & Trust

Frank Schaper

Frank joined the YAL in 1958 when he was a student at the Graylands Teachers College. At the time he was recruited by John Fawcett as a company Commander for a country Boys Tour which was domiciled at the Claremont Showgrounds.

His interest in the YAL continued and after several tours of a similar role he became on “Officer” of the YAL and a member of the Officers Club. He served as President of the Officer’s club eventually elected to the Governing council. He resigned this position when he went to Adelaide for work and re-joined when he returned to WA in the 80’s.
He has been Chairman of the YAL board since 2006 and is also the Chair of the YAL Trust board. He currently lives in Brisbane and attends meeting via teleconference.

Rod Ross, Honorary Vice Chairman

Rod Ross

Currently the Vice Chair of the both the YAL board and the YAL Trust board and the Chairman of the Educational Grants Advisory Committee which helped see the inaugural 2015 scholarship program be successfully launched.

He has been a member of the YAL board since 2001. His interest in the YAL commenced soon after his appointment as General Manager of the Araluen Botanical Park Foundation in 1999 due to the park’s YAL origins.

Married to Gail for 44 years and boast a son Chris and a grandson, Nicholas. Since retiring from Araluen and the board of Armadale Region Business Association (‘Business Armadale’) last year, he now has more time to indulge his passion of the YAL, motoring, travel, gardening, home improvements and relaxing. He is excited about the future of the YAL and hopes that he can be a part of building its future.

Neil Mundy, Honorary Treasurer

Neil Mundy

Neil grew up in Sydney with his close family of 7 (5 boys – quite a crowd!). He first holidayed in WA with his partner in 1993 and when a work opportunity arose in 1995 they jumped at the chance to relocate.

He is a qualified CPA and has gained experience in manufacturing, software and legal industries. Neil is now retired.

Seeking an opportunity to volunteer.  He was invited onto the YAL board in mid 2014 and took up the role of Honorary Treasurer from the late Bob Tilley. With the YAL closely allied with his own ideals he is delighted to be associated with such a dedicated organisation.

Dr David Lim, Honorary Public Officer

David Lim

David was born in Singapore but has lived in Australia – first in Perth and now Brisbane – for the last 20 years.

He currently works at the Queensland University of Technology as a lecturer and researcher. He was previously employed by the Wheatbelt Division of Division General Practice as an educator. He has also lectured at Edith Cowan University, Curtain University and the University of Western Australia.

He has a Master degree in Surgery, a higher Doctorate in Public Health and a Law Degree.

He joined the YAL board in 2013 and is currently acting as the Public Officer. He was also a founding Director of the YAL Trust board of directors.

Janet McCallum, Director

Janet McCallum

Janet is the YAL. With her father being one of the founding members in 1905 her family is one of the cornerstones of the YAL. With her late husband Ian, all 3 of their children grew up with YAL ‘family’ around them as well.

She worked throughout her working life in supermarket management and later in lighting consultancy and sales with General Electric, but YAL was never far from her mind.

It was this passion that saw Jan create the YAL Museum in 2000 when, at 70 years of age, she had finished work and needed a project to keep her busy.

She was active with the parent bodies the YAL had, the Women’s axillary, officers club and currently both the YAL board and the YAL Trust board.

Judy Charbonneau, Director

Judy Charbonneau

Judy was a YAL board member between 2002 till 2017. She was a foundation director of the Trust board when it was created in 2014 a role which she still fills today. She feel a huge sense of belonging and responsibility to continue watching over the wonderful work that the “Boss” initiated.
Judy considers herself to be following in the footsteps – J.J “Boss” Simons her great uncle, and her  father Dudley Carter. The Museum holds many reminders of her family – pictures of my great-grandmother Mary Simons, her father, and of course “Boss” who she remembers as a tall, imposing figure with a booming voice.
Her earliest memories of the YAL were a concert in the Ballroom in the 1940’s and then Araluen. There were camps at the Outing Centre (Camp Simons), frequent stays at the Log Cabin and attending moving ceremonies at the Grove of the Unforgotten.

Judy was educated at Perth College and later at McMaster University Ontario Canada and UWA in Perth. She has worked all over the world, mainly in the resource sector. Retiring some years back she was involved in a number of voluntary boards, including the YAL (both the YAL and the Trust). Judy only retains her YAL board position currently but also serves as the Secretary for the Rossmoyne-Shelley Liberal Party.