Museum Learn more about the history of YAL

With a 110-year history, we have a wonderful collection of photos, artefacts and mementos from trips, tours and the evolution of YAL.

Our Museum has a number of unique items which can’t be seen anywhere else. Like US President Hoover’s inauguration wreath, which he presented to the YAL touring party who he invited to his inauguration in 1929. The Museum isn’t just the history of our unique organisation but is also a journey through the coming of age of our great nation.

The museum is not currently open to the public. If you are interested in viewing the collection please get in touch and we will be happy to arrange a tour.

Visit our Gallery for images of some of the items we have on display.

Phone (08) 9325 5911 or Email [email protected].

Love, Service & Tolerance

The League’s main purpose was football until 1910 when it changed its name to the Young Australia League and focused on ‘Education by Travel’ with its motto of ‘Love, Service & Tolerance’. The JJ ‘Boss’ Simons Memorial Museum was opened in 2000. It was the brainchild of 2nd generation YAL member, Jan McCallum. It took many trips between Camp Simons in Roleystone to the Perth headquarters to move all the photos, artefact and many records down to Perth.

With over 100 years of memorabilia and item gifted to the YAL from all over the world. Some of the items are so unique that they aren’t available to be seen in any other collection.

For example in 1929 when president Hoover was inaugurated the YAL boys were invited to be present. At the end of the ceremony, Hoover presented the boys with his inauguration wreath. It now sits proudly in the museum and is the only presidential wreath to have ever left the United States of America.

Throughout the collection, there are many photos of the various tours that YAL members went on and more prominent are the personal items and stories of YAL members who through the YAL had the chance to explore the world outside of Perth.

Although the YAL no longer owns the entire YAL building at 45 Murray Street Perth the museum sits in one of the most beautiful rooms. With its stone build fireplace, enormous high ceilings, polish jarrah floorboards and striking jarrah and iron doors it is quite simply the most perfect setting for such a unique collection.