Congatulations Lewis Almond – Lower Secondary Scholarship Recipient 2016 Published on 12 February 2017

Lewis John Almond
Congatulations Lewis Almond – Lower Secondary Scholarship Recipient 2016

Lewis is a bright 12-year-old young man who is entering year 7 in 2017. He attends Tranby College in Baldivis. Lewis is an only child of a single mother who made the courageous decision to leave a violent relationship when Lewis was only 5 months old.

Life as a single parent has not been easy but Lewis’s Mum, but she has always ensured Lewis had the best possible chance to succeed. She chose to make many sacrifices to place Lewis at Tranby College kindergarten, and to provide him the stability of staying at the same school for all his schooling years. However, when she became unemployed the pressure of the school’s fees placed an extra pressure on the family finances.

Lewis is a smart and talented young man who was selected to be involved in the Curtin Coderdojo Club (a technology and coding club run by Curtin University). It is through this club with strong support from the male mentors he has achieved much, including being honoured with a Black Belt award which enables Lewis to be a mentor to the younger members of the club. At this stage, Lewis is the youngest person ever to be awarded with this honour in the world.

Through his involvement with the Coderdojo Club Lewis entered and won two awards at the Digital Project Awards in 2015 for the Young Inventor and Leadership.

Lewis is also a talented sports man and shoots at a shooting club in his local area. He has been recognised by his school for his leadership and sporting skills and was appointed the position of House Captain for year 6 in 2016, he also gained selection in Tranby College soccer academy for 2017.

Lewis is a young man who has had many difficulties in his short life but has achieved much and is grateful for the opportunities being a recipient of a YAL scholarship will mean to him.

“It is an amazing opportunity for me; I don’t usually get chances like this. Firstly, I would like to say thank you, this scholarship will relieve the financial stresses for my mum when it comes to my school fees. To me it means I can stay at my school and it might mean we are able to direct more money towards my interest in technology. It will enable me to participate in more tech and coding workshops, something I am really interested in and I think I am very good at. Thank you once again for selecting me as one of the recipients of the JJ ‘Boss’ Simons Charitable Endowment Trust Lower Secondary Scholarships. Thank you so much for this great opportunity”

Lewis Almond