Congratulations Anna Boddy – Upper Secondary Scholarship Recipient 2016 Published on 14 February 2017

Anna Boddy
Congratulations Anna Boddy – Upper Secondary Scholarship Recipient 2016

Anna is a determined 17-year-old young lady who will be completing year 12 at Morley Senior High School in 2017. She hopes with hard work she will gain entry to university in 2018, one day becoming an ambassador using her Japanese language skills.

Anna lives away from her family home and receives a small amount of Centrelink support towards her living cost. Unfortunately this is insufficient to cover her education, living and rent costs.

Anna was forced to leave her mother’s home at aged 14 due to an unstable home environment. Anna moved in with her older brother and while this gave her a stable home environment it meant a long three-hour commute to and from school. Wanting to stay at her school but finding the commute too much she applied for independent living allowance through Centrelink. Gaining this small amount of extra funds allowed her to find affordable housing just 10 minutes to walk from her school. While this new living arrangement gives her more time to concentrate on her studies the costs associated with rent, living and transport plus education expenses leaves her constantly worried about how she is going to make ends meet.

Anna has been part of the American Field Services (AFS). It was through the AFS that Anna received a scholarship for a four-week trip to Japan in December 2015. The scholarship gave Anna the renewed determination to never give up despite her situation. She knuckled down and studied hard to ensure she reaches her goal of going to university. She now volunteers as a mentor for the AFS.

Anna is a beautiful young lady with a belief in never giving up and helping to make her community strong. She wants to help show other young people to never give up on your dream: and no matter how hard something might be there is always a way of achieving.

“I am extremely grateful to be a recipient of an upper secondary scholarship from the JJ “Boss” Simons Charitable Endowment Trust for 2017. To be chosen for this scholarship means that someone has invested in me. They have recognized potential for an excellent contributing citizen who is simply held back by uncontrollable financial and situational barriers. By doing so, it is not only a monetary encouragement, but an intangible one. This investment guarantees opportunities to extend my education and my own personal development.

We all can acknowledge, to build an all-round educated mind is not solely a product of the education system itself but, experiences we go through. With this additional financial support, I, can now experience things and explore future career paths that I may have not been able to do without this investment. Furthermore, I hope the Young Australia League will get as much as I do out of this investment. Thank you for investing in me. “

Anna Boddy