Congratulations Bertha Moore – Lower Secondary Scholarship Recipient 2017 Published on 16 February 2018

Congratulations Bertha Moore – Lower Secondary Scholarship Recipient 2017

Bertha will be entering year 9 at Swan View Senior High in 2018. She is in the academic extension program and the drama program and has just been selected to be part of the school representative council. She dreams of being an actor, but wants to study drama and teaching when she finishes school so she can teach her passion to others.

Bertha is the eldest of 9 children and plays a large role in taking care of her siblings, including her 4-year-old autistic brother. With so many children, Bertha goes without a lot. She would love a new school uniform, shoes, backpack and nice stationary for school. As part of the drama academy at her school, they offer opportunities to attend camps, something that she hasn’t been able to do yet, but would love to.

Coming from such a large family space & time is what Bertha finds so difficult to overcome. Having the space and time to herself to complete homework is difficult, as she helps out with her siblings and this leaves little time for her. Hiding in the bathroom only lasts so long! She has overcome this by joining a lot of groups through her school like the ‘Kwobidak Yoka Flourish’ program, ACE program & the Drama Academy. These groups have been like an extra family and have supported her to achieve her dreams.

Bertha sees herself as a role model, particularly to her younger sisters and wants to show them that they can reach for their dreams and achieve them. She sees her role as an advocate of the YAL as an extension of this role.

Bertha credits her good grades with her involvement in the ‘Follow the Dream’ program at her school. As a participant, she receives mentoring and tuition which she feels has helped her receive academic achievement awards and develop her leadership. She loves playing AFL and staying active.