Congratulations Jeninna Cruz – Upper Secondary Scholarship Recipient 2016 Published on 11 February 2017

Cruz Jennina
Congratulations Jeninna Cruz – Upper Secondary Scholarship Recipient 2016

Jeninna is 17-year-old young lady who will be entering year 12 at Girrawheen Senior High School in 2017. Jeninna and her family left their homeland third world country six years ago, to escape the extreme poverty they lived in. While coming to Australia has allowed Jeninna to have greater opportunities to achieve her dream of being the first in her family to attend university, the need to learn English quickly was quite a challenge. Jeninna’s strong attitude to education is the reason she pushes herself so hard to excel at school. Studying and learning is a privilege in her eyes and she has not let anything, not a lack of English, the bullies or a strange country stand in her way. Jeninna hopes that her hard work will get her into a medical degree in 2018 and put her on the way of her ultimate goal of becoming a cardio-thoracic surgeon.

Jeninna is currently working at a fast food restaurant to help cover the cost associated with her studies and help out her family. The juggle that working and school life creates can sometimes see her have to stay up late many nights to ensure that she completes all her school work.

Jeninna was one of fifteen representatives at the National Science Youth Forum in Canberra in January 2017. This was an exciting opportunity that required Jeninna to put in many hours of after school practicing her speech component for her audition. Not confident in her own abilities her persistence paid off and she won her spot. She is hopeful that the extra skills she has learnt will assist her in her future studies.

Jeninna is at the same school as the three Upper-Secondary Scholarship recipients in 2015. She wants to follow in their footsteps and proudly show how receiving some assistance from the YAL has help ensure that she can achieve anything.

“Winning this scholarship is something that I never thought would happen. However, receiving the Young Australian League scholarship has shown me that anything is possible in life and I am capable of much more than I think. Prior receiving it, I had many financial stresses as I know that year 11 and 12 often results in many more unexpected expenses. In order to cope with these expenses, I would have to increase the hours of work I do in an effort to afford these pricey necessities. This increase of work, I personally believe would have detrimental impact on my possible academic success because it leaves me with less time for study. However, since I found out that I am one of the recipients of this scholarship, it has taken a weight off my chest, and removed the stress I was experiencing towards school; it has in fact motivated me to work harder and made me look forward to my final year of high school. Receiving this scholarship will allow me to further enhance my scholastic ambitions not only during school time, but also outside of school. Hopefully, this will let me achieve higher thus allowing me to reach my goals and aspirations. The scholarship will mean that I won’t have to worry about the stress of working and instead I can devote more time into extending and enriching both my academic and personal development.”

Jeninna Cruz