Congratulations – Josiah Kappert Post-Secondary Scholarship Recipient 2016 Published on 10 February 2017

Josiah Kappert
Congratulations – Josiah Kappert Post-Secondary Scholarship Recipient 2016

Josiah is a young man with a bright future. He finished his final year of high school at Rehoboth Christian College last year and has been accepted at UWA for Bachelor of Arts – Political Science and International Relations for 2017. He hopes this will lead to a future career in the foreign affairs sector of politics.

Josiah is a young man who has already overcome many obstacles in his short life. He suffers from a severe physical abnormality with no arms. Added to this difficultyhe suffers from scoliosis which can often make everyday tasks a challenge. He now has two metal rods to stabilise his spine and although this has helped it has left him more rigid. Josiah however does not let his challenges get the better of him and has learnt to do many day-to-day tasks on his own.

Josiah’s parents are both incredibly proud of him but are concerned how he will manage the next chapter of his life. His home has been modified to assist his independence but these modifications are not transferable to university.

Josiah has to rely on his parents for transport with another complication being the different hours of university from the school. Receiving this scholarship Josiah can arrange his own transport and allow him greater independence as a growing young man.

Josiah has always struggled with how he fits in the world. But from early experiences he has found a passion to tell others of uniqueness and individuality. In 2016 he was elected House Captain and also a prefect in the newly formed Rehoboth Christian College leadership team. His role allowed him to lead devotions for the year 7 student group under the topic of uniqueness. He did so well and inspired so many that he was asked to speak on the topic for his final assembly as a message to the leaving year 12’s.

“I’d like to express my deepest thanks for choosing me as a recipient of this scholarship and as an advocate for the YAL program. This financial aid is a blessing towards the expenses of Uni.

I have plans to study Political Science and International Relations. As part of this course, I had always dreamt of doing an exchange to get a clearer vision of how my degree would work in a foreign field.

Before receiving the scholarship, this idea was going to be a difficult task to meet due to financial and physical woes. Now that I have been granted with this scholarship, the financial and, to a certain degree, the physical problems have been resolved and the ability to exchange has become much more of a possibility.
Thanks to YAL, I will have far more opportunities both at home and abroad; both during Uni and for the rest of my life.”

Josiah Kappert