Congratulations Kawlija-Merle Brahim – YAL Upper Secondary Scholarship Recipient 2017 Published on 16 February 2018

Congratulations Kawlija-Merle Brahim – YAL Upper Secondary Scholarship Recipient 2017

Kawlija-Merle will be entering year 10 at Swan View Senior High School in 2018. Kawlija-Merle goal is to enter university to study Education and Psychology when she completes high school. Kawlija-Merle wants to use her degree to teach students in remote communities, giving back and improving the lives of other young people. She wants to influence and inspire her future pupils to dream big and reach their potential.

Kawlija-Merle lives with her Mum and her partner, and her siblings. While finances are lacking, Kawlija-Merle says she comes from a family full of love.

Kawlija-Merle is a bright young lady, who is also talented in the arts. Often the target of bullies for her desire to learn and her achievements, this has been a challenge to overcome. Her challenge is made that bit harder due to the separation from her Dad who lives in Tennent Creek.

Last words are all Kawlija-Merle:

I think you should select me for a ‘YAL’ Scholarship because I am deserving of this honour. You won’t find a harder working, more positive, passionate and determined young woman in Australia. I have all the virtues of the YAL program and will be a great investment for the Young Australia League JJ Boss Simons Charitable Endowment Trust and our community. I will break down barriers and challenge negative stereotypes of young indigenous people. In future years your organisation will be so proud of me and glad that you made this investment. I will be successful without the YAL Scholarship as I am committed to following my dreams but the scholarship will certainly assist me to reach my goals quicker, provide me with opportunities I would otherwise miss out on and make life a little easier. I want to take some of the worry away from my mother by showing her that I can make dreams come true myself.”