Congratulations Par Chin Sung – YAL Post-Secondary Scholarship Recipient 2017 Published on 16 February 2018

Congratulations Par Chin Sung – YAL Post-Secondary Scholarship Recipient 2017

Par Chin completed year 12 Morley Senior High School last year. Par Chin’s parents immigrated to Australia in 2005 were her younger siblings were born. Par Chin remained in Burma with her grandparents until her parents saved enough money for her to join them six years later in 2011. Par Chin’s parents saw that if they remained in Burma their children wouldn’t get the opportunities that they wanted for them, especially with their education. Par Chin explains that it is her mother who is her greatest role model in wanting to become a primary school teacher. Par Chin’s mother didn’t receive any education in Burma and as such can’t read or write and struggles as a result. Par Chin sees the issues that this has caused her mother and wants to be in a position to help others.

English is Par Chin’s second language and this has created many issues in her educational journey. With early years of high school being plagued with bullying and struggling to understand, this created doubt in Par Chin’s mind about her ability to achieve her dreams. She still finds it hard and with the extra pressure that year 12 has brought she has felt this again and again. However, what has kept her going even when she didn’t achieve the results she wanted was the desire to be a role model for her younger siblings and to make her parents proud.

Par Chin’s family are in financial hardship which has meant that she has had to do without vital textbooks, a computer and with an inability to pay her school fees. As she transitions into tertiary studies this stress is increased and she is worried about how she will be able to afford to attend tertiary studies.

All of Par Chin’s proudest moments are around her education. Whether it be an improvement in a test result or a credit certificate in a national economics competition they are all achievements towards her ultimate goal of becoming a teacher.

Par Chin sees that she will be able to advocate for the YAL scholarship program by helping to promote the importance of education.