Congratulations Shontae Coyne – YAL Upper Secondary Scholarship Recipient 2017 Published on 16 February 2018

Congratulations Shontae Coyne – YAL Upper Secondary Scholarship Recipient 2017

Shontae will be entering year 10 at Swan View Senior High School in 2018. Selected at the end of year 7 for the academic extension program at her school she is achieving excellent academic results and is on track to achieve her goal of studying medicine and becoming a doctor. She feels that this career path will allow her a positive role in her community and allow her to help the most disadvantaged in her community.

Shontae lost her mum at aged 5 and her Dad is currently in a nursing home after a car accident that has left him unable to speak or take care of himself or his family. Shontae is currently living in a home with 11 occupants, 8 of which are children (including herself). Being one of the oldest, Shontae feels the pressure her cousin is under to look after so many people and wants to do something to help. She often goes without, as a result and relies heavily on the support offered by her school to ensure she has food to eat, rides to school or bus fares. She names the co-ordinator of the ‘Follow the Dream’ program at her school as her biggest support.

Shontae is involved in many of the specialist programs that her school offers and the ‘family’ environment that this provides has given her an opportunity to reach her potential.

Shontae sees the role she would play as an advocate for the YAL as an incredibly important one and would welcome any chance to help spread the word