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The YAL has been proudly supporting and mentoring young people for over 100 years. We are proud to be continuing our mission by offering a scholarship program that helps break down financial or situational barriers which would otherwise prevent youths from reaching their full potential.

Please show your support by making a tax deductible donation and stand with us as we give a “hand up” to young people in need.

Donations to Young Australia League will be used to award, administer and expand our very special scholarship program which aims to make a tangible difference and helps to support young people to continue their studies and inspire them to reach for their dreams despite their challenges.

All donations will be received to the JJ “Boss” Simons Charitable Endowment Trust. Any donations above $2 are tax deductible and the donor will be issued a receipt from “Give Now” on behalf of the YAL.

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Leave a Bequest

If you have previously been a member of the YAL or have come to know of the work we are doing to help the lives of young people in Australia, you will have recognised what a significant contribution YAL is making.

To make a lasting legacy or bequest to Young Australia League, the following overview provides ideas to consider.  We do encourage you to inform your family of your wishes and also to consult appropriate professionals in drawing up your Will if required.

Please make sure before leaving any bequest to Young Australia League (YAL) you have ensured you have provided accordingly for your dependents.
You may consider the following options to include YAL as a beneficiary of your estate…

  1. A specific amount of money can be left to YAL.
  2. A percentage of the residue of your Estate goes to YAL after you have considered your dependents. You may wish for YAL to receive as much as 100% of the residue, or a lesser percentage as you choose.
  3. Consider leaving a particular asset to YAL such as property, vehicles, artworks, shares, life insurance policies or any other items that you value.
  4. For larger Estates, taxation implications may also be a consideration in addition to assisting YAL. With a charitable trust (or a Prescribed Private Fund), the income from the Trust is distributed to YAL according to your Will. Please consult professional advice concerning this option.
  5. A further option to consider is a ‘YAL Living Will’. Instead of a ‘conventional’ bequest to YAL in your Will, the ‘bequest’ legacy is used during your lifetime to partner with YAL in a specific project. Your solicitor/accountant can help advise on the appropriate structure to implement this option.
  6. You can split your bequest between both the Boss Simons Memorial Museum and the JJ ‘Boss’ Simons Charitable Endowment Trust. Or if you would prefer just to one YAL entity.

Contact YAL on [email protected].