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YAL & Dome Kelmscott & Armadale Lower Secondary Scholarship Recipient 2017 – Evie O’Farrell (year 9)

Evie will be entering year 9 at Kelmscott Senior High School in 2018, where she is part of two special programs in athletics and music. Bright and determined to succeed, she excels at both school and on the running track. Evie feels her family is under increased financial pressure to due to the low income her mother earns as an education assistant of students with special needs at a local primary school. Evie is extremely p

YAL & City of Swan Lower Secondary Scholarship Recipient 2017 – Shanaye (year 9)

Shanaye will be entering year 9 at La Salle College in Middle Swan in 2018. This bright young lady is in the care of foster parents and has been since she was 4 years old. When asked about her most significant challenge it was having to change homes so often and make the adjustments needed to her new home, new carers, new rules. This is quite a challenge for someone so young. For the past 9 years, she has been with her current

YAL Lower Secondary Scholarship Recipeint 2017 – Bertha Moore (year 9)

Bertha will be entering year 9 at Swan View Senior High in 2018. She is in the academic extension program and the drama program and has just been selected to be part of the school representative council. She dreams of being an actor, but wants to study drama and teaching when she finishes school so she can teach her passion to others. Bertha is the eldest of 9 children and plays a large role in taking care of her siblings,

YAL Post-Secondary Scholarship Recipient 2016 – Eleanor Beidatsch (3rd Year University)

Eleanor is a 23-year-old young lady from Mount Barker in the South West of WA. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Science at UWA Albany Campus. Eleanor is passionate about science, especially climate change, marine biology, environmental science and conservation. She is working towards a double major in conservation biology and marine science. Eleanor intends to create a model which can predict extinction rates in marine