YAL Connecting Nation Wide Published on 3 March 2022

YAL Connecting Nation Wide

An Introduction to our 2022 Scholarship Recipients

Young Australia League (YAL) has the absolute honour of sharing their nine, 2022 YAL scholarship recipients. The scholarships, worth up to $8,000 annually, are offered for up to two years and are accessible to young people aged 12-25 who are experiencing barriers in their educational journeys.

Education isn’t defined by YAL as solely academics, rather the experiences that shape young people’s lives. The scholarships aim to promote opportunities in education, from the arts and sporting pathways to traditional schooling and apprenticeships and even hands-on learning. YAL doesn’t believe there is a ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to educational journeys, it is unique to each and every individual.

“I think it’s important we distinguish the difference between YAL’s scholarships to those offered by other entities, we aim to give our recipients the freedom to spend their scholarship funds on what will assist them on their own journeys through education,” said YAL CEO Tammy-Rae Schaper.

YAL has launched as the new name of the program, “YAL Connect”. After 7 years and supporting 50 recipients to the tune of $400,000 YAL decided it was time to rebrand the program to reflect the unique way YAL connects recipients to each other, the YAL family, and networks. Not just to connect but to share in the experience and be more than just a scholarship.

“We are beyond proud of the success of the program and seeing it be demonstrated nationally is even more exciting as we build into the future,” said Tammy-Rae.

The recipients of the 2022 YAL scholarships are scattered all over our nation, ranging in experiences and journeys, these recipients are so deserving. YAL is pleased to share the following:

YAL Lower Secondary Scholarship: Kade

Kade attends Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School in Western Australia’s Southwest. Kade thoroughly enjoys his school and the facilities it offers him. A born competitor Kade dreams of being a professional surfer and has always looked to the ocean for guidance and accomplishment.

YAL & City of Swan Lower Secondary Scholarship: Ruby

Ruby is a Year 8 student with a special interest in digital technology and languages. In 2021, she received the Year 7 academic excellence awards for English and Italian at her school, and over the holidays she started teaching herself Korean.

YAL Upper Secondary Scholarship: Ashlee

Ashlee is starting Year 11 at Northern College of the Arts and Technology in early 2022. Ashlee has always had a passion for the arts, spending numerous hours perfecting her skills. Ashlee is looking forward to Year 11 and hopes to continue her love for art in a way that will allow her to develop her skills further in this subject.

YAL & City of Wanneroo Upper Secondary Scholarship: Zahraa

Zahraa is a member of the City of Wanneroo and will be going into her final year of school. 

Zahraa will continue her ATAR studies in Year 12 with the ambition to pursue a career in microbiology. Microbiology is a passion for Zahraa as she strives to use her knowledge in this field to support individuals living with chronic illnesses.

YAL & Harrison Family Trust Upper Secondary Scholarship: Jaegger

Jaegger is going into Year 10 at Kent Street Senior High School in 2022. Jaegger hopes to study hard during the upcoming years to ensure she has a clear pathway into university. She wants to use her academic abilities to pursue a career that assists young people in vulnerable situations.

YAL & Schiavello Systems WA Upper Secondary Scholarship for Indigenous students: Alaxandrea

Alexandria will be entering year 11 in 2022, where she hopes to complete ATAR and a Cert 2in Engineering so she has a clear pathway into engineering at university, where she can pursue her interests and have a fulfilling and successful life.

YAL Members Rural or Remote Upper Secondary Scholarship: Amelia

Amelia is entering Year 11 at St Saviours College and Boarding School in early 2022. For her last two years of school, Amelia’s focus is to achieve an ATAR of 85 or above to ensure she has a clear pathway into university. After high school, Amelia intends to study a Bachelor of Pharmacy, where she hopes to pursue her dream of becoming a pharmacist.

YAL Post Secondary Scholarship: Ruby

Ruby is a fourth-year Bachelor of Arts student at The University of Melbourne, where she studies Linguistics and German. Ruby plans to pursue a career in research. Ruby is committed to supporting her community and encouraging younger students through her mentoring and leadership roles.

YAL & Hilary Farrant Post Secondary Scholarship for students with disabilities: Khin

Khin is a student at the University of Western Australia, where she is completing a Bachelor of Biomedical Science with a double major in Integrated Medical Science and Clinical Practice. Unfortunately, Khin’s own medical life hasn’t always been easy since being born with a disability in a developing country with low-quality healthcare and disability awareness. Through this, she recognises that her challenges are just opportunities and strives for excellence. 

YAL wishes to express its overwhelming appreciation to all its sponsors, donors, and supporters for making it possible to extend the YAL family. Watch this space as YAL continues to share its recipients’ adventures.

Recipients in the image: (from left to right)

Top: Ruby, Zahraa, Ruby M, Jaegger, Kade 

Bottom: Khin, Ashlee, Amelia, Alaxandrea